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Monique Engicht - Tuesday, March 16, 2010
While recently reading one of my favorite blogs, ProBlogger, on a post he called “Why Your Business Need Friends” an idea that has resonated with me for the past year has become clear.

In 2006 when the Real Estate Market was booming and Southwest Florida was the fastest growing county in the country, I met an overachieved young Realtor who was simply thriving in the mist of the RE hype.  Being the naturally curious person I am, I could not help but inquisitively inquiry “How do you do it?”, (referring to the fact he had over 120 houses listed in Cape Coral at the time). Which to my deception at the time was answered with “I just make friends. Every day I go out and make friends.”

As a young and aspiring 21 year old, searching for the magic secret of having hundreds of listings and therefore thousands of dollars in the bank, this oversimplified answer simply didn’t make sense. It didn’t make any sense.  Make friends? How can that bring me money? Whew what a loser, I thought to myself about this self-made Real Estate guru.  He has accomplished so much and this is the best he can come up with?

Feeling like a red headed stepchild, like i was not important enough for this guy to give me a grown up answer, I did not waste time thinking about it. Only now, 3 years after this episode, and a little more experience later, I am craving to read a book on business relationships much talked about: "Never Eat Alone”

Just as Darren mentions in his blog post, the book talks about having meaningful relationships with your peers, clients, colleagues and treating each person as an independent individual, with its own desires and objectives. Maybe this relationship initiative we take with each person/prospect that walks into our lives comes easily to some, but not to me. 

Lately, as I try to move into a higher level of business consultancy, I realize that to become a prominent consultant we need to take a legitimate interest in our clients business processes and accompanying issues. 

Taking a legitimate interest in our clients business is hard!

Man are egotistical by nature, and taking an interest in analyzing our clients business process to critically think our way through offering a custom tailored and worthwhile solution is not easy. Hopefully each client/prospect we meet helps us metamorphose into this "friendly persona" so much heard of who is simply brimming with work.

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